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Spiritual Counseling Overview

Intuitive Spiritual Counseling and Healing

HFM Christian Counseling is dedicated to your mental, emotional, and spiritual well-being and growth. Whether you seek personal or spiritual healing, or need help in your marriage, career, or in your relationship with God, HFM Christian Counseling provides over the phone and in-person counseling to support you during times of struggle or on an ongoing basis.

With over 15 years of experience providing intuitive spiritual counseling, marriage counseling, career counseling, and addiction counseling to individuals and groups, HFM Christian Counseling can provide you with the support you desire to find spiritual healing, direction, and understanding in all areas of your life.

What Can I Expect?

Whether you seek spiritual healing, spiritual counseling, marriage counseling, or addiction counseling, a private session with HFM Christian Counseling is an opportunity to join with your Self and God and in a very deep and personal way.

"As soon as the Holy Spirit started speaking, I started crying. It felt like such a sacred moment. I had a very profound experience of my holiness just by His words. I had a lot of questions and felt a bit embarrassed about asking them, but even this He turned into a wonderful teaching. The answers themselves cleared up months of pondering and gave me very clear direction as to what I was doing. The love and guidance I received from the Holy Spirit was amazing!" Annika, Wisconsin Dells, WI

Each certified spiritual counselor spends time joined with God and the Holy Spirit in meditation prior to each spiritual counseling session and will remain connected to that still small voice within them throughout the session. You will have the opportunity to share and ask questions on any topic you want, and our certified counselors will share the understanding, guidance, and communication they receive from Holy Spirit within them in response to your questions.

By joining with God and the Holy Spirit in this way, the profound peace and healing wisdom of the Holy Spirit will penetrate your heart and mind in a very deep and long-lasting way.

"My spiritual counseling session was truly amazing. I have been floating ever since! I feel more empowered today to reclaim my strength and dive even deeper into my spiritual practices. I'm tremendously grateful. The session left me with a sense of peaceful strength and helped me to bring my awareness to the next level. I have never seemed so peaceful!" Dan, Cleveland, OH

"My spiritual counseling session was an affirming, nurturing opportunity to better understand what I chose to experience this lifetime. My questions to the Holy Spirit were answered in a clear and loving way to help guide me toward a different perspective on the events in my life. This in itself was exciting since the Holy Spirit knew of the events that shaped my life ... and of the treasures I could glean from those events. Everything I was told resonated deeply within my soul allowing me to have a closer relationship with my Self and God. I found my counseling session invaluable and would recommend it to anyone questioning why they’re here and what they can do to live up to their highest potential." Brian, Tampa, FL


HFM Christian Counseling has provided spiritual counseling for many people over the past 5 years.

In a typical 1-2 hour counseling session, you will finish your counseling session feeling:

  • Feeling restored and filled with peace
  • With a stronger experience of connection with God and yourself
  • Having received the personal, life-changing communication from God you wanted
  • Having had all of your questions answered, regardless of their nature
  • With a deeper understanding of how your life circumstances are serving you
  • Knowing your next step spiritually and physically in the world
  • With a profound knowingness of how loved and accepted you truly are in God's eyes
  • With a renewed sense of clarity and purpose in your life

"My spiritual counseling session was so helpful! Even though it was via Skype with my Web Cam, the issues that were near and dear to my heart were spoken to with such love and I felt clear and unequivocal guidance. Where there was despair and loneliness before, there is now gratitude and a feeling of connection. I felt like I was right in the room with my certified counselor! Thank you!" Bonnie, Whidbey Island, WA

"Spending time with you and HFM Christian Counseling was a deeply profound experience and very helpful to me in hearing the Voice myself. What I loved most about the Voice was that it really did meet me right where I am in my life. So many spiritual classes and practices I have tried have not done that. Thank You!" Damien, Middleburg Heights, OH

If you want to:

  • Overcome painful and difficult circumstances in your life
  • Heal emotional trauma and abuse
  • Discover your purpose in the world and how to fulfill it
  • Develop a clear, realistic plan with God to accomplish your goals
  • Release guilt, fear, and other emotions and limiting beliefs
  • Receive practical advice on how to heal your personal relationships
  • Or receive communication with God about whatever is going on in your life

Schedule Your Session

After reviewing the list of HFM Christian Counseling Certified Counselors below, click the button below to place your order, or contact HFM Christian Counseling at 1-618-731-4242 or 800-505-8051 to schedule over the phone.

Sessions last approximately 1-2 hours. There's no time limit. It ends when your questions have been answered to your satisfaction. After placing your order, you'll be contacted to schedule your session with the Counselor of your choice. If you don't have a preferred counselor, we'll select one for you.  
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HFM Counseling Certified Spiritual Counselors

Dr. Terry Aaron, Ph.D.
Rev.Terry Aaron, PhD is the Founding Minister of Have Faith Ministries, Inc. and Founder - Director of HFM Counseling & HFM School of Theology where he serves as Dean. He holds a Ph.D. in Christian Counseling Psychology and is Nationally Board Certified as a CPPT by NAFBC. He facilitates study groups in IL, and is publisher of the HFM-Ministry newsletter since 1999. More 

Pastor Dennis Wagner, M.A.

Dennis Wagner is a competent Christian Marriage Counselor & Biblical Life Coach. He is also an experienced Adviser and Life Strategist. As an  Ordained Minister, he feels divinely guided to be a spiritual counselor.

(Dennis is no longer active with us.  He may be reached at Skyline Church, O'Fallon, IL)

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