HFM Christian Counseling Center

a division of Have Faith Ministries, Inc.


HFM Christian Counseling Center, a division of Have Faith Ministries, Inc., believes that growth and maturity is what God expects from the church. To that end, some are equipped as counselors to aid in the process.

Our counselors are also Ordained Ministers and are trained to help people who want to grow; who feel stuck; who can’t seem to stop destructive behaviors; who can’t seem to just let things go; whose thinking and behaviors are still deeply affected by the past; whose lives have been affected by grief and trauma; and those who have unsuccessfully tried to let time heal their wounds.

Here is how we can help. We can act as the professional christian pastoral counseling arm of your church or ministry by:
  • Working with the individuals, couples and families that you refer for counseling
  • Establishing one of our counseling sites in one room of your church (PRN)
  • Consulting with you around ethical or mental health issues

If you are interested in participating in this program and / or being a partner in our coalition or if you have any questions or want to set up a meeting to learn more, please contact our Director, Dr. Terry Aaron, at 618-731-4242 ext. 101 †

How and When to Refer

How to Refer

One-step Referral Process …

All appointments are scheduled in person by calling 618-731-4242 or 800-505-8051 ext. 300 or online by clicking one of the Schedule an Appointment buttons like the one you see here. (You may click it now if you want to make an appointment or just take a test drive). Try it out and see what our clients see. (If you try it out just enter your name and information or that of your organization. Please type TEST in the notes section).

I offer online scheduling using BookFresh

If you have questions about whether or not to refer or to discuss a referral matter, please call our intake staff at 618-731-4242 ext. 300 or 800-505-8051 ext. 300 Toll Free.

When to Refer

There are always practical as well as ethical reasons to refer. These may include …

  • For Crisis Intervention or for Follow-up
  • When short-term counseling is not helping
  • When long-term counseling is appropriate
  • When the pastoral relationship is hindered by the dual relationship
  • When counseling needs consume your pastoral schedule
  • When a counselee needs help beyond the scope of experience or training of lay counselors
  • When counseling someone who needs help outside the scope of pastoral training
  • When because of privacy issues, the counselee is not comfortable disclosing issues to church members or staff
  • When a counselee needs a psychiatric evaluation, medication management, or psychiatric intervention
  • Always, when it is in the best interests of the counselee to refer

Referrals can be made by you or one of your staff online via the Referral link on the sidebar.

On this page please click here to make a referral now.

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