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Please pray for Emmanuel Children's Home in Champhai

over a year ago by Joel Pray for me
Please pray for Emmanuel Children's Home in Champhai, Mizoram state, India. Now the Orphan children are 9 numbers. We are struggling for their food and school monthly fees so that the Lord may provide us. Please pray for us.

Please Pray for my Daughter

over a year ago by anonymous Pray for me
My daughter is having irregular heart beats and not sure why. Dr. report not back yet. Please pray as if she were your daughter. I love her so much! Pray for her healing!

Husbands oppression

over a year ago by Rev. Dr. Terri Zastovnik Pray for me
Please pray for my husband Jim. He is a recovering alcoholic who is now serving a jail sentence for a DUI/crash he had last year. Since the crash he has been through treatment to which was unsuccessful. He also attended intensive outpatient treatment to which was unsuccessful. Prior to his going to prison he was working full-time job but I found out a few days after going to jail that he had stolen $120 from his register at his job. He will face this charge on the 28th. Jim is a good man who has somehow gotten off the beaten track with his faith. Please pray for him in anyway you would like as he needs help. He is very depresse at this point and I have fears for him upon his release. The prison doctor has also found a growth in his throat. He not only drank but smoked. Please pray for his healing in every area of his life and for God's divine intervention. Thank you.